Tuesday, 11 December 2012

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  • Rude Health Honey Nut Granola
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  • Jar of Meridian Almond Butter
  • Raw Brownie
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    Saturday, 8 December 2012


    JANUARY 2012
    Where did u go on new year's?stayed at home watching films

    Who kissed you on new year's?no one :(

    Did you have a New Year's Resolution this year?to do well in my exams.

    Does it snow where you live?sometimes

    Do you like hot chocolate?no, it never sweet enough

    Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?no but i'd love too

    FEBRUARY 2012
    Who was your Valentine?no one, maybe next year ehh ;)

    When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class?no, but thats a good idea.

    Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?no

    What did you receive for valentine's day?no 

    What did you give for Valentine's Day?no

    MARCH 2012
    Are you irish?sadly not

    Do you like corned beef and cabbage?no to corned beef yes to cabbage

    What did you do for St Patrick's Day?wore green

    Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
    no i love winter, getting out my hat and scarf

    APRIL 2012
    Do you like the rain?no, it annoy me.

    Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?no not sneeky enough

    Do you get tons of candy for Easter?no. i dont eat chocolate

    Do you celebrate 4/20?whats that?

    Do you love the month of April?its alright

    MAY 2012
    What is your favorite flower?daisy

    Finish the phrase "April showers…"come and go.

    Do you celebrate May 16th: National Piercing Day?no

    Is May anything special to you?Grandads birthday

    JUNE 2012
    What year did/will you graduate from high school?2011

    Did you do anything fun during this Month?no it was exam time so just lots of revision

    Have a favorite baseball team?no

    JULY 2012
    What did you do on the 4th of July?not american so nothing

    Did you go to the fireworks?no 

    Did you blast the A/C all day?no

    AUGUST 2012
    Did you have a sunburn?no im milk bottle white ;)

    Did you go to the pool a lot?hell yeah!

    SEPTEMBER 2012
    Are you attending college/school?yes

    Do you like fall better than summer?yes i love the colours of fall

    What happened this month?started back school, start uni application

    OCTOBER 2012
    Whats your favorite candy?sour cherries or milk bottles

    What was your favorite thing(s)about this month?strictly come dancing and merlin usually start

    What were you for Halloween?at home.

    NOVEMBER 2012
    Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?dont celebrate thanksgiving

    What are you thankful for?lots

    Do you love stuffing?no

    Anything exciting happen this month?got offer from de monfort uni

    DECEMBER 2012
    Do you celebrate Christmas?yes

    Have you ever been kissed under the mistle toe?
    no :( 

    Get anything special last year?no just lots of little lovely things :)

    What do you want this year?good grades, i put the hard work in.

    What do you love most about December?
    the loving feeling everyone has.

    blah blah blah

    1. What was the highlight of your week? 
    Buying my sister's and mum's christmas presents :)
    2. Whose car were you in last?
    my dad's, he pick me up from my volunteering
    3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
    This is going to make me seem like right loser, but my mum when i kiss her goodnight tonight

    4. What color shirt are you wearing?
    white with mini navy stars

    5. How long is your hair?
    I have a bob, so not very long.

    6. Are you good looking?
    this make me laugh, what do you want me to say, i'm the prettiest girl in the world, i'm not but everyone things everyone else is pretty their them.

    7. Last movie you watched?
    Omg, i cant even remember! - obviously its been too long since i last watched a film.

    8. Who were you with?
    my sister but she went to bathroom to have a shower.

    9. Last thing you ate?
    bowl of dry cheerios to sit and snack on while i finished off my essay due in Wednesday.

    10. Last thing you drank?
    a glass of ice cold water, very refreshing ;)

    11. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
    never, i've never been in 'love' but i am only 17 so i've got plenty of time.

    12. Who came over last?
    my granny to see how everyone is.

    13. Are you happy right now?
    yep, christmas is upon us, life is good, school is going well, i have a loving family, great friends.

    14. What did you say last?
    'how did you find the last chapter?' to my sister.

    15. Where is your phone?
    on my side table.

    16. What color are your eyes?

    17. Are you left-handed?
    yes, yes i am

    18. Spell your name without vowels:

    19. Do you have any pets?
    miniature poodle called max

    20. Favorite Vacation?

    Tuesday, 27 November 2012


    hope is all i can do at the moment.....

    .......hope, i will pass my exams with B grades.....

    .....hope, i will pass my driving test first time.....

    .....hope my interview will go well at Leeds University next week.....

    ....hope i don't get anymore uni rejections.....

    ....hope i get interview at both York and Sheffield Hallam.....

    ....hope, i don't become too dishearten at being rejected by Nottingham.....

    ....hope all my family remain well.....

    ....hope, to make a big step forward in recovery.....

    .....hope, stupid ED doesn't ruin my chances of uni and becoming a nurse....

    ....hope i don't let my ED take control.....

    .....hope Disneyland paris is everything i dream off......

    All i can do is hope for best, keep my fingers crossed and do everything in my power to make sure i don't to hope much longer, all my hopes will become realilty.

    Sunday, 18 November 2012

    Let the countdown begin!

    Our Christmas tree last year.


    When it comes to Christmas, i become the biggest kid! I love the build up to Christmas, I actually prefer the build up to the day itself. :)

    My favourite things about Christmas are......


    not only do i love the classic Christmas song but December also gives me the excuse to have these songs on constant repeat.
    - Wonderful Christmas time by Paul McCartney

    -Last Christmas by Wham!


    i prefer the classic christmas look, lots of reds and greens, i'm not a fan of white or pink trees.

    One day, i will allow myself to eat those of the wonder foods about i'm about to show you.

    Saturday, 17 November 2012

    Long time no see....

    It's feel like forever since I've posted but I've just been so busy!

    Since last time, a lot has happened:
    -I started my volunteering at my local general hospital; i love it, i'm learning so much it's been an amazing experience.

    -I went to interview for child nursing at De Monfort University, we were told it could take weeks even months but I got an offer just 2 day later so I'm so so so so so so so so so HAPPY!

    -My first mock theory test, i muck up the hill start but everything else was fine, i felt like such an idiot!

    Well, my life is busy but boring, if you get what mean, i do so much but to many people it would be boring. I find that so many other bloggers have much more interesting lives, they eat amazing food, wear amazing clothes, do such interest things. I log on to my blog everyday but i end up just looking at other peoples post as i find their lives so much more interesting!

    Anyway, it was Children In need here in the UK, my school did I big cake sell and managed to raise £117 so well done Lodge Park. Sadly, i was unable to help this year as i have been banned from baking- as my mum says i make too much of mess :O who me? - i know what a cheeky!

    I thought i'd share some yummy looking treats that have been baked all over the UK to raise money for Pudsey.

    Tuesday, 6 November 2012

    October hols

    My week on school went very fast, i seriously don't know were the time goes!
    I guess the saying is true 'Time flys when your having fun'

    I had a create night, which was made even better because.....

    i also stared my volunteering at my local hospital which was an amazing experiment, so now i can't wait for sundays to come as it means i get to do my volunteering.

    Still no rejections or offers from uni :/ but i suppose it takes time so i'll just have to wait and be patient, on the plus side my sister has had another other to do history of art at Birmingham Uni, so thats good.
    I've had my usual breakfast and lunch and last weeks dinner where:
    MONDAY; Tuna, couscous and salad
    TUESDAY: Sausages, veg and mash
    WEDNESDAY: roast chicken with veg and new potatoes
    THURSDAY: chicken stir-fry and veg
    FRIDAY: Chicken hotpot. (frozen meal)
    SATURDAY: Sweet and sour chicken and rice (Frozen meal)
    SUNDAY: chicken, veg, mash, and a small roast potato.


    Tuesday, 30 October 2012

    Avoiding theory revision.

    A is for age: 17, i'll be 18 in February, how scary- i'll be adult! Goodbye childhood, hello the adult world :(

    B is for breakfast today: the usually, weetabix with soya milk, a chopped apple and whole toast.
    C is for currently craving: i don't have any cravings at the minute!
    D is for dinner tonight: I had tuna and couscous with salad and beetroot.
    E is for favorite type of exercise: use to be running but it became a problem ( i got too obessive)

    F is for irrational fear: I have a fear of snakes and most other reptiles just the scales and the fork tongue, creeps me out.
    G is for gross food: I’m a picky eater, but I’ve gotten better about it but most of them are due to my ED. The only food i've never liked even as a kid is creamy foods; cream, salad cream, mayo etc.

    H is for hometown: Corby in the UK

    I is for something important: My family, i;ve treated them terrible over the last 3yrs with my ED and all and i've said some horrible things that i can't take back now but wish i had never said them. Especially my twin sister and mum, i feel so guitly just thiking about it.
    J is for current favorite jam: my favourite has to be raspberry jam
    K is for kids: i don't plan to have kids when i'm older but it depends things change, people change, so who knows?
    L is for current location: The computer desk.
    M is for the most recent way you spent money: on my driving lesson, £20 for an 1hour lesson, bargain ;)

    N is for something you need: An A* student brain, so i could pass all my exams, as i hate doing all that revising and still going average grades.
    O is for occupation: student atm, but a part-time crew member at Mcdonalds.
    P is for pet peeve: People who are late! if your going to set a time be on time!
    Q is for a quote: 'good things come in small packages'
    R is for a random fact about you: I have a mole under my left eye, it was the only thing that helped people to tell me and twin sister apart.
    S is for favorite healthy snack: plain ricecakes dipped in yogurt (preferable strawberry, yum yum!)
    T is for favorite treat: i'm still unable to 'treat' myself, but hopefully soon :)
    U is for something that makes you unique: i'm a identical twin
    V is for favorite vegetable: brocolli, i use to hate it with a passion when i was little but now i love it raw or cooked

    W is for today’s workout: I don't work out.
    X is for x-rays you’ve had: 2 both on my teeth.
    Y is for yesterday’s highlights: having a really good and positive driving lesson.
    Z is for your time zone: GMT? i think thats the British one, i don't know- the clocks changed on Sunday they went an hour forward so its lighter in the morning and darker in the evenings.

    Monday, 29 October 2012

    Winter is upon us....

    I think it's safe to say that Winter is finally here.

    And that means it's time to get the winter coat out, along with the gloves and scarfs.
    I've had my winter coat for 1 1/2 years now and i have to admit it has served me well, i'm actually going to miss it, but sadly it's had it's day and it's time for a new coat.

    So out with the old and in with the new, as my mum would say.

    After, searching the internet for literally hours on end and then finally finding the perfect coat, i  then came home from work to discover my sister had come back shopping with practically the same coat as i was going to get :( so i was back to sqaure one and my search began all over again!

    But, after much internet searching, i think i found my 2012/2013 winter coat.

    Vila- Navy Blue Captiko Womens Fur Trimmed Duffle Coat from Amazon at am amazing (in my opinion anyway) £39.99.

    So now i'm on the hunt for so cute matching gloves and scarfs to finish off my winter look.

    Here are a couple of gloves and scarfs that have tickled my fancy:

    TOPSHOP £20

    TOPSHOP £16

    I'm think of going for dark green, rusty red/orange, wine red as my coliur scheme this winter :)

    Have a lovely monday!

    Any good websites, with lovely winter buys?
    When do you start winter shopping?
    Has your winter coat come out yet?


    Sunday, 28 October 2012

    a well deserved rest!

    The last couple of weeks have been so so so so hectic, i've litterally worked, ate and slept!

    But i've a weeks holidays, so sno school for a week. I'd like to say that it will be a week of 'me time' but sadly I have work to do and plus if i want to get good grades I need to put the work in so i'll be continueing my studies at home.

    My work load includes:
    -Biology past papers (in exam conditions)
    -Mindmaps for English (establishing links between our chosen novels and poems)
    -researh for applied science on energy efficient washing machines and simply experiments to shown solar/ chemical and wind energy.

    I've also got my driving theory on Tuesday which includes a theory exam and a hazard preception test so I've been working my way through all the possible questions and doing practice exams. I really really hope i pass as i've spend so much time revising and it's cost me £31 so i dont really want it go to waste and for me to have to pay another £31 again to re-do the test, so fingers crossed, touch wood, what ever else you can do for luck!

    On the plus side, I've sent my UCAS application ( i actually send it last Sunday) for those who don't UCAS are a company who deal with all university the applications in the UK. I really hope i get some offers, i'm so so scared that i won't get any, i will be so devastated if i dont get any offers.

    My sister sent her's on Wednesday and has already got an offer, i am happy for her don't get me wrong, she really deserves it but a part of me is also really jealous as i sent my off early and i've had no offers, god i'm so horrible!

    My plan is to try and not thing about it, what will be, will be.

    I am however really excited for Tuesday night, as i've got a Halloween party to go and seems i never get invited to any of the 'cool' parties at school i was so happy to get asked to this one :) i dont why i care so much about what other people thing but i do. I'm going as Velma from Scooby-Doo, so i'll post some pictures up soon.

    My eating is still little and often, probably still not enough but i just can't, some days i look in the mirror and i feel like such a fat blob of fat and other days i look and i think to myself i look awful, nothing fits, anything is hanging off me, i need to put on weight!

    The fact of the matter is, i feel miserable thin and i feel miserable fat! i just wish i was normal, the 'perfect size' i could eat what ever i wanted and not have to feel guilty or digusted but full and happy.

    I want to see food as moret than fuel, i want to enjoy the food i'm eating like i use to. :(
    I want to eat desserts, chocolate, chips, cheesy pasta, etc.

    I need to be healthy for Disneyland Paris in February or i wont be able to go :( Ohh i wish some thing could just happen over night!

    Sunday, 14 October 2012

    A-Z of me!

    Autumn- its my favourite season.
    Brown- for the colour of  my hair and eyes.
    Cucumber- the one food my dad hates but i love!
    Dogs- for my bestest boy Max- the best pet in the world.
    E.T the film i use to watch just because it scared my twin sister, ohh im cruel!
    France- the place i'm going for my birthday- disneyland paris here i come!
    Goofy- favourite Disney character.
    Harmony- the name of my bestfriend from childhood.
    Ink- my pens always run out of ink, especially in exams it annoys me so so much.
    Jamie- the name of the friend i've known the longest.
    Kitchen the heart of our house.
    Lucy for me!
    Mencora- favourite place, i loved our family holidays there.
    Nursing- what i what to do for the rest of my life.
    Orange the only word what doesnt rhyme
    Purple my favourite colouring
    Questions- i have about 1 billion of them.
    Roald Dahl- his book the witches was the first book i ever bought with my own money at the age of 7.
    Scotland, the place where my family come from.
    Tots Tv- the programme of my childhood.
    UCAS- the bain of my life at the minute
    Victory- i aim for this in everything i do!
    Wilfred Owen- one of my favourite poets.
    X- ohh come on!
    Yogurt yum.
    Zoey- my little sister

    Thursday, 11 October 2012

    Where does the time go?!

    There really is not enough hours is the day, recently i've be finding myself here, there and everywhere. I've got some much stuff thats needs to be done, homework, revision,
    Somehow, i dont know how, i've managed to keep on top of it all.

    -My personal statement is done, so its just the teacher who have to do their bit now
    -theory for driving- could be going better but i am working on it so hopefully things will start to come to together and ill be able to pass the damn thing!

    -Revision- i've got three exams, very important exams, in Jan.
          - english lit
          -2x biology (one of which is a resit, which i am very ashamed off as i tried ohh so very hard first time, i was gutted on results day :(

    And to top over my non-stop week i am working 8-4 on saturday and 9-4 on sunday so i literally have no weekend ohh well you win some you lose some, the only thing thats keeping me going to the money so i can add that to my savings.

    Eats have been repitive and routined, i have the small breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and supper- i still eat very disordered but least im eating which is good as some days it's a really struggle i just cant be bothered.

    Breakfasts- 2 weetabix, soya milk, whole toast with jam and an apple. I really do love apple- i was worried that my i got my braces i wouldnt be able to eat apples but i just cut them up which was easier and less painful- plus i would have died not having an apple for 3years- my favourite fruit.

    Snack- Jordans Crunchy bar- yes im boring i have the same cereal bar everyday!

    Lunch: Chicken wholemeal pitta, fruit yogurt and 2 ricecakes which i dip into my yogurt.

    Snack- a bowl of dry cereal- i love cereal i could and have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner but i know you need variety in order to get a balance diet.

    Saturday- Sweet and sour chicken with white rice.
    Sunday- Chicken, veg, roast potatoes and mash...... plus dessert a small slice of raspberry cheesecake.
    Monday- Quorn mince in a tomato sauce with couscous and salad (cucumber, beetroot etc)
    Tuesday- Quorn sausages, mash and veg
    Wednesday, chicken, tomatoes and peppers in a tomato and basil sauce and penne pasta
    Thursday- Chicken, sweet and sour sauce, peppers, udon noodles. (kind of like a stir-fry but its not fried)

    I dont take pictures of my meals because i dont think a healthy thing for ME to do, i dont think its weird but for me it would be unhelpful as i already have a strained relationship with food however hopefully when my relationship with food becomes more healthy and positve i will be able to take pictures, plus my food would never look as good as some of the other bloggers i look at- my food is put to shame but the colour and freshnes of their meals.

    Friday, 5 October 2012

    cakes, cakes and more cakes!

    The last 2 weeks have been so busy it's been unreal.

    Last week, i had school monday to Friday as usually + driving lesson + homework + Macmillian bake sale.

    More on the Macmillian Bake sale, after seeing an advert on TV about Macmillian National bake sell i knew i had to part of it, so i sign up and just 2weeks later a my lovely Macmillian pack arrived full with bunting, balloons, stickers, recipes and lots of other things. The aim was to bake lots of cakes and raise lots money for Macmillian, however there was one rule and one rule only everything had to be homemade which means lots and lots of baking.

    woke up as usually, decided to measure out some of my dry ingredients in preparation for later. I left my house for school at around 8:30, leaving behind a kitchen full of bowls with dry ingredients and sticky notes attached telling me how much was there and what recipe it was for.

    Got home from school, as we had half day, at around 2:30 and instantly turned of the oven. They to cut a long story short me and my sister spend 5hours (we had an hour break for dinner) baking, with the end results being:
    -1 lemon drizzle cake (loaf)
    -24 mini empire biscuits (2 shortbread rounds sandwiched together with jam, topped with icing and sprinkles.
    -12 vanilla butterfly cakes with buttercream.
    -12 chocolate butterfly cakes with chocolate buttercream
    -10 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with mini white chocolate stars
    -12 fairycakes ( simply iced cakes)
    -10 smarties cookies
    -A tray of chocolate brownies.
    -1 coconut cake (my mum did that while we were at school so i cant take credit sadly).

    Luckly I have a lovely granny and lovely friends with decided to help out so in the end their was:
    -lots of Scottish tablet (thanks to my granny)
    -12 xbutterfly cakes (thanks to my granny)
    -12 xCakes topped with milk chocolate (thanks to my granny)
    -Vanilla traybake cake (thanks to my granny)
    -Heart shaped biscuits with icing and chocolate (thanks to Lauren)
    -More fairycakes (thanks to Lauren)
    -chocolate cakes (thanks to Lauren)
    -50 milk chocolate cookies (thanks to Amber)
    -Raspberry filled cupcakes (thanks to Milica)

    There was lots and lots and lots, too much to name or even remember for that matter,
    But in the end me raised £158.22 which was amazing since we sold the cakes for 30p which apparently according to the teacher was far to cheap.

    Sorry no picture, we were far to busy to be taking pictures!

    This week was a little quieter but not much, i've had lots and lots revision, coursework, practice for my theory, god my to-do list never seems to end, i really enjoy my bedtime as it the one time i can relax and turn-off and leave everything behind knowing i can do it tomorrow.

    I also, along with 90 other people in my school year go invited to a Halloween party- now im never the girl who gets asked to anything which is why i was so shocked i got invited but all my friends are going to i've decided to go, it should be laugh. I don't drink so i will most likely be the only person who will actually remember the night!

    But, their's a twist the party is a fancy dress party- it doesnt have to halloween themed. I've decided to go as Velma from Scooby doo

    Yummy oats!

    Yummy granola!
    For a chance to win some yummy treats from Jordans then head over to:
    Porridge and Parsnips.

    Tuesday, 25 September 2012

    ED wins again

    The day started so well, i woke at 6:30 and read a couple of chapter of The Kite Runner for English. I've read the book before, i would highly recommend it.
    I went downstair to get breakfast which consisted of:
    2weetabix biscuit and soya milk, an chopped apple and a slice of wholemeal toast with homemade strawberry jam.

    Personally, i consider this a good ,big breakfast, in comparsion to the rest of my family.

    Mum- 2slices of toast with butter and a cup of coffee
    Younger Sister- 1 slice of toast and 2 chocolate waffles with a glass of milk
    Twin sister- A large bowl of cereal with milk (she eats all the cereal and leaves the milk)
    Dad- A bowl of crunchy nut with milk and a slice of thick wholemeal toast with butter.

    Then at 10:30 i had Jordans crunchy bar.Both my mum and dad don't really snack, they may have a mint sweetie or a tomato but thats it.
    Younger sister- She has juice, cereal bar and fruit or sweet/ crisps at the weekend
    Twin sister: School days she has no snack but at the weekend she has chocolate bar or a biscuit

    Lunch was at 12:30 i had a wholemeal pitta pocket with chicken and cucumber, a low fat strawberry yogurt and 2 ricecakes which i dipped in the yogurt, my mum thinks its weird but i think yogurt and rice cakes are a good combo.
    Mum: 2 dairylea triangles and 4 crispbreads and packet of crisps
    Dad: A cornbeef sandwich of thick bread with butter and a banana.
    Younger sister: cheese spread sandwich, crisps, raisins, biscuit.
    Twin sister: A packet of snack a jacks.

    Now, i hate my people eat less than me and i know that i shouldnt but my ED tells me that am greedy and fat so the fact that my sister eats so little during the day is hard for me because my ED then tells me am weak as even my sister can eat less. I know that she comes home from school and has a banana and biscuit and then a normal dinner, but if i was too have a breakfast like hers and a lunch as small as her with no mid-morning snack i would get told off and most likely put back into hospital. Also, how she expects to function at school while eating so little is beyond me, no wonder she finds it hard to concentrate its because she hungry.

    I know, i know, this is rich coming from me. Considering i use to eat a 1/2 an apple and 4 ricecakes a day but i was ill. It's the one thing i can't cope with my twin sister not eating- it annoys me anyone doesnt eat when i have to but when it's my twin sister i just breakdown. I've already had a little cry and i'm now dreading dinner as really dont want to eat. Especially because she went to the dentist today and is too scared to take her retainer out so is now not eating so if she can't take it out for dinner, it means she would have eaten just breakfast all day, which make my ED scream and shout and say things i dont even want to write. My ED thoughts with go throught the roof, my guilt will be huge and i'll probably have a little cry again, like I always do.




    'Could eating like my skinny friends make me a SIZE 10?'

    I'm sure many people have asked themselves that very question, i certainly did a few years ago and look where i ended up, Anorexic with two hospital admission under my belt!

    'According to researchers at the University of Birmingham, we are subconsciously influenced by the eating habits of those around us'I am unsure whether i agree with this or not, I think we are differently influenced by those around us but i think are own personal taste are also very vital. Everyone in my family has something they don't like that everyone else does. For example: my Mum tomatoes yet My dad and sister love them, they have there own draw full of tomatoes in the freeze. While me and other sister like tomatoes but to the same level we do, which means are family (apart from me) end up having every pasta dish in a cheese sauce not a tomato one. However, i can't eat cheese sauce due to all the dairy so i have tomato instead.

    'Until now, I’d assumed that the fact that all my close female friends are far more svelte than I am was a disadvantage. Now, I realised, they were an (as yet) untapped dietary resource. I decided to spend a day shadowing each one, finding out her secrets to staying slim and, with any luck, getting a few to rub off.

    First on the list is my very oldest friend Amelia Newsom-Davis, 42, whom I first met at nursery in 1973.
    It does, I admit, slightly irk me that although she is older than me (all right, only by a month) and has two children like I do, she has kept her size-10 figure, while mine veers between a 12 and a 14.

    Her secret, it seems, is mostly down to portion control, a habit she was taught from childhood. ‘Our family always ate less than yours did,’ she tells me. ‘I remember being amazed by how much butter and jam you got on your bread — we were only allowed a thin scraping.’

    On paper, her Parisian regime doesn’t sound at all restrictive: brioche and coffee for breakfast, stew, cheese and wine for supper; the only exercise she takes is walking her children to school. It’s only when I spend a day actually eating what she eats that you realise how dainty her portions actually are.

    Our breakfast brioche is a single slice. Lunch is a chicken breast with a single spoonful of carrots and another spoonful of rice.
    At tea-time, she has a low-fat hot chocolate from the office machine. Our stew supper is accompanied by one small glass of wine, and a single Ferrero Rocher — no naughty second helpings.
    It’s all delicious but I force myself to eat and drink as slowly as I can to eke out our tiny meals. And afterwards I must admit I’m still hungry. 
    Hunger will not be a problem if I emulate my neighbour Christiane Comins. She and I first met four years ago, touring a primary school. Christiane, 43, is a size 8, although her handbag is stuffed with biscuits, nuts and dried fruit, and she is always nibbling at something. Her secret is the incredibly healthy if restrictive diet she adopted after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 11 years ago.
    In response to the diagnosis, she cut out sugar, wheat, red meat and most dairy from her diet and went organic. Not only did she lose two stone, but her mobility returned.
    Understandably, she is evangelical about the benefits of her regime and is always trying to persuade me to abandon wheat and dairy, too. So far, I’ve resisted, fearing that soya milk and rice pasta will be unpalatable. But perhaps I am wrong?

    Our day starts heartily: a slice of pineapple, a plate of porridge with honey and soya milk and several cups of coffee. I am pleasantly surprised by the soya milk — I almost can’t tell the difference — and so full that it’s difficult to find room even for the handful of vitamin supplements she urges on me.

    An hour later, she is offering me a snack of dried fruit and nuts. ‘I have to keep my energy up,’ she explains, wolfing them down herself. Lunch is a huge plateful of steamed organic veg, served with cod and drizzled with olive oil and soy sauce. It looks beyond dreary, I think. But to my surprise, it is actually pretty tasty as well as filling. Barely minutes later, it seems, she is handing round flapjacks she has made herself with oats and organic honey.
    After a brief interlude walking the dog, it’s back home for chicken rissoles, more steamed veg and brown rice — which turns out to be delicious — and several strengthening glasses of wine.

    Afterwards, I can’t quite believe the amount of food I’ve consumed, but when I ask nutritionist Ian Marber, he estimates the calorie count at a modest 1,800. The real trouble with Christiane’s regime is not, as I had previously assumed, the taste. It’s all the effort involved, washing, chopping and steaming organic veg and making alternative healthy snacks. As a working mother, I simply don’t have the time.

    My sister-in-law Rachel’s eating regime is, by contrast, designed to be as career-friendly as possible. She works long hours in a high-powered role for the NHS, and in order to be able to pick up her children from school, has opted not to take a lunch break at all. Rachel, 39, is an elfin size 6 blonde whose nickname is ‘Slim’. Food is not a priority for her, as it is for me. ‘I don’t really have time to think about it,’ she admits.

    For her, food is fuel, so she has devised a routine that is easy, quick and healthy. Breakfast is cereal and a banana, lunch a tuna sandwich at her desk, dinner — which she eats at 5pm with her young children — usually a stir-fry, pasta or baked fish with vegetables.
    ‘We don’t have pudding, except maybe a probiotic yoghurt twice a week.’

    One day spent eating like Rachel is no hardship. I am not hungry, as I am under Amelia’s regime. Nor does it require effort, as Christiane’s does. Having very little choice of meal – and a pre-prepared lunch — does, I discover, free up a lot of brain space.
    Sitting at my desk in my turn, I am amazed by how much I get done in a day that doesn’t demand any faffing around in the kitchen. But it is a regime that is definitely short on treats. Probiotic yoghurt is not a pudding in my book.
    ‘And I don’t really drink either — I’d probably have two glasses of wine in a week,’ she admits.
    Rachel does allow herself a single square (a single square!) of dark chocolate at around 10pm, but that is it. I make the elementary mistake of leaving the bar beside my desk and before I know it, I’ve nibbled off a whole row. Much as I would love to have Rachel’s slender frame, I suspect I don’t have the self-discipline to stick to her diet.
    So what’s the secret of staying thin? My friends all have very different diets but what they have in common is  routine that fits in with their lifestyle. I just need to find my own. Watch this space . . .

    These are diets of the women in this article:

    Rachel Pendlebury
    Breakfast: Two Weetabix, banana, cup of tea.
    11am: Satsuma

    Lunch: Two brown rolls with tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise.
    4pm: Cup of tea.

    Dinner: Pasta, pesto and vegetables.

    10pm: Square of chocolate.

    Estimated calories: 1,200.

    Exercise: 20 minutes’ bike ride to and from work, five days a week.

    NUTRITIONIST IAN MARBER’s VERDICT: This is the diet of a very busy woman who probably isn’t a great food lover. Because she works in a hospital, she doesn’t have access to high-quality food during the day. Overall, the diet is a bit dull.

    Christiane Comins
    Breakfast: Slice of pineapple. Porridge with honey and soya milk. Coffee with soya milk. Handful of vitamin supplements.

    Snack: Dried fruit and nuts, five spelt biscuits.

    Lunch: Steamed veg, steamed cod, boiled squash and sweet potato, olive oil and soy sauce. Juice.

    Snack: Home-made flapjack.

    Dinner: Chicken rissoles, steamed courgettes and broccoli, brown rice pasta, pesto sauce. Two glasses of white wine.

    Estimated calories: 1,800.

    Exercise: Occasional dog walks.

    NUTRITIONIST’s verdict: This isn’t a bad diet at all. There’s lots of vegetables, but there isn’t enough protein — and too many snacks.

    Amelia Newsom-Davis
    Breakfast: Brioche, butter, apricot jam. Coffee, freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice.

    Lunch: Braised chicken with mustard, rice, carrots.

    Tea: Low-fat hot chocolate.

    Dinner: Beef stew with vegetables, slice of bread, nectarine. Two slices low-fat Camembert. Glass white wine. One Ferrero Rocher.

    Estimated calories: 1,300.

    Exercise: 20 minutes’ brisk walk, five days a week.

    NUTRITIONIST’s verdict: This is a typically French diet with good variety, and no fear of food or of eating the ‘wrong’ thing. It’s higher in protein than a typical British diet, which tends to be carb-heavy, and it ticks all the nutritional boxes.


    Emmys: Hit or a miss?

    It was the Emmy's and that means lots of celebrities in beautiful dresses!

    And this year they didn't disappoint, there were so beatiful dresses, as well as some dresses that really should have stayed on the hanger ( thats my opinion of course, anyone has there own sense of style)

    Here are some my favourite dresses from the night:
    Jane Levy looked simply stunning. the dress is simply you may even say plain but it's very elegant. Along with the statement necklace with it's vintage look. The colour matched her complexion and red hair, making this a HIT!
    Sarah Hyland, opted for this sliver dress, i love the detail at the top adds elegance. I also love her hair, loose curls is always a hit with me.
    I love the show 2 broke girls. I also loved  Kat Dennings dress it was the colour that did it for me, the burnt orangy, red looks amazing against her skin and hair colour, matched with red lips and black nails was gold and black jewellery. She looked amazing!
    Jessica Pare I love love love, this style of dress. And the black and white colour scheme really works. It also makes her red lips really stand out.

    And some of the dresses that i werent to my taste ( i fully acknowledge that some people will really like this dresses:
    I didnt like the shape, pattern or fabric of this dress. Plus you can see tan lines.
    I love the colour as it goes beautifully with her pale skin and jet black hair. But the dress has no shape and looks like a sack. I'm also not a fan of the split to reveal the leg.
    I really like Zooey Deschanel and i think the dress really suits her quirky personality but it's not my cup of tea too big and puff, if the dress had just continued to flow down it would have looked amazing.
    This is why i dont like the split in the dress. As im sure Alexandra Breckenridge found out after flashing her knicker, not the most flattering out pictures.

    tell me what you think, which dresses impressed you and which dresses made you look in horror and think "seriously these people have stylish and they let them wear that!"

    Sunday, 23 September 2012

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    This week Laura from keeping healthy getting stylish has an amazing giveaway, so i urge you to check out her blog right now and sign up to the not only the giveaway but the blog too.

    Check it out now!
     Keeping healthy getting stylish



    I have had a little make-over, hope you like.

    I'm off to watch some Mcdreamy, then have a lunch.

    died and gone to heaven!


    Thursday, 20 September 2012

    School, disney, tots tv, biology and reads!

    I started my morning with a little tidy up, i must admit i think my bedroom is rather tidy, although my mum would beg to differ. I'm such a child with my sleeping beauty poster and my tilly and tiny dolls from tots Tv, i don't know if any one would remember them.

    After, my tidy up session, breakfast and lunch making i finally got dressed and made my way to school.
    On Sunday i had a little online shopping spree, i ordered Disney's:
    • Peter Pan
    • Sleeping beauty
    • The Little Mermaid
    • 101 Dalmatians

      My mum is on a mission to get rid of all my Disney video's and replace then the DVD versions. My only problem with her plan is that those video's were my childhood they still have the teeth marks from were me and sister chewed the corners. I dread to think how many times I've watched some of these films which is why i keep the cover from inside the video, as a little memory, keepsake plus i love the illustrations.
    a few of my Disney video covers, the rest are in a big folder, it's offical i am the saddest person in the world!

    My day has also consisted of school i spend most of my frees and after-school reading though and doing the activities in my biology A-2 level text book.
    Everyone loves synapes!
    My next set of reads, Pat Barkers triology consisting of;
    1. Regeneration
    2. The eye in the door
    3. The ghost
    I am most looking forwards to exploring the character of Prior and learning more about his experience and the other patients experiences at Craiglockhart hospital- which for those who don't know was a miltary army hospital in WW1 used for the treatment of shell-shocked officer. I find WW1 so interesting and in the good old days when i had time to watch hours of tv would happily sit for hours watching programmes on the history channel.

    breakfast: weetabix, soya milk, wholemeal toast and jam and a lovely juicy red apple. I have been loving the apples this week nice sweet and crisp just how i love them.
    Do you prefer red or green apples?Snack- jordans crunchy bar.
    Lunch-Chicken pitta, cherry yogurt and a snack pack of raisins.
    Snack- a bowl of dry cookie crisp cereal
    Dinner- Chicken, salad and coucous
    Supper- a bowl of mixture cereal (rice krispies, cheerios and bran flakes) with milk.

    Do you try any cereal combinations?
    Do you have any weird food combinations?
    Like jam and yorkshire puds, tomato sauce sandwichs. cereal and orange juice instead of milk etc..