Saturday, 17 November 2012

Long time no see....

It's feel like forever since I've posted but I've just been so busy!

Since last time, a lot has happened:
-I started my volunteering at my local general hospital; i love it, i'm learning so much it's been an amazing experience.

-I went to interview for child nursing at De Monfort University, we were told it could take weeks even months but I got an offer just 2 day later so I'm so so so so so so so so so HAPPY!

-My first mock theory test, i muck up the hill start but everything else was fine, i felt like such an idiot!

Well, my life is busy but boring, if you get what mean, i do so much but to many people it would be boring. I find that so many other bloggers have much more interesting lives, they eat amazing food, wear amazing clothes, do such interest things. I log on to my blog everyday but i end up just looking at other peoples post as i find their lives so much more interesting!

Anyway, it was Children In need here in the UK, my school did I big cake sell and managed to raise £117 so well done Lodge Park. Sadly, i was unable to help this year as i have been banned from baking- as my mum says i make too much of mess :O who me? - i know what a cheeky!

I thought i'd share some yummy looking treats that have been baked all over the UK to raise money for Pudsey.

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