Tuesday, 27 November 2012


hope is all i can do at the moment.....

.......hope, i will pass my exams with B grades.....

.....hope, i will pass my driving test first time.....

.....hope my interview will go well at Leeds University next week.....

....hope i don't get anymore uni rejections.....

....hope i get interview at both York and Sheffield Hallam.....

....hope, i don't become too dishearten at being rejected by Nottingham.....

....hope all my family remain well.....

....hope, to make a big step forward in recovery.....

.....hope, stupid ED doesn't ruin my chances of uni and becoming a nurse....

....hope i don't let my ED take control.....

.....hope Disneyland paris is everything i dream off......

All i can do is hope for best, keep my fingers crossed and do everything in my power to make sure i don't to hope much longer, all my hopes will become realilty.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Let the countdown begin!

Our Christmas tree last year.


When it comes to Christmas, i become the biggest kid! I love the build up to Christmas, I actually prefer the build up to the day itself. :)

My favourite things about Christmas are......


not only do i love the classic Christmas song but December also gives me the excuse to have these songs on constant repeat.
- Wonderful Christmas time by Paul McCartney

-Last Christmas by Wham!


i prefer the classic christmas look, lots of reds and greens, i'm not a fan of white or pink trees.

One day, i will allow myself to eat those of the wonder foods about i'm about to show you.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Long time no see....

It's feel like forever since I've posted but I've just been so busy!

Since last time, a lot has happened:
-I started my volunteering at my local general hospital; i love it, i'm learning so much it's been an amazing experience.

-I went to interview for child nursing at De Monfort University, we were told it could take weeks even months but I got an offer just 2 day later so I'm so so so so so so so so so HAPPY!

-My first mock theory test, i muck up the hill start but everything else was fine, i felt like such an idiot!

Well, my life is busy but boring, if you get what mean, i do so much but to many people it would be boring. I find that so many other bloggers have much more interesting lives, they eat amazing food, wear amazing clothes, do such interest things. I log on to my blog everyday but i end up just looking at other peoples post as i find their lives so much more interesting!

Anyway, it was Children In need here in the UK, my school did I big cake sell and managed to raise £117 so well done Lodge Park. Sadly, i was unable to help this year as i have been banned from baking- as my mum says i make too much of mess :O who me? - i know what a cheeky!

I thought i'd share some yummy looking treats that have been baked all over the UK to raise money for Pudsey.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

October hols

My week on school went very fast, i seriously don't know were the time goes!
I guess the saying is true 'Time flys when your having fun'

I had a create night, which was made even better because.....

i also stared my volunteering at my local hospital which was an amazing experiment, so now i can't wait for sundays to come as it means i get to do my volunteering.

Still no rejections or offers from uni :/ but i suppose it takes time so i'll just have to wait and be patient, on the plus side my sister has had another other to do history of art at Birmingham Uni, so thats good.
I've had my usual breakfast and lunch and last weeks dinner where:
MONDAY; Tuna, couscous and salad
TUESDAY: Sausages, veg and mash
WEDNESDAY: roast chicken with veg and new potatoes
THURSDAY: chicken stir-fry and veg
FRIDAY: Chicken hotpot. (frozen meal)
SATURDAY: Sweet and sour chicken and rice (Frozen meal)
SUNDAY: chicken, veg, mash, and a small roast potato.