Tuesday, 6 November 2012

October hols

My week on school went very fast, i seriously don't know were the time goes!
I guess the saying is true 'Time flys when your having fun'

I had a create night, which was made even better because.....

i also stared my volunteering at my local hospital which was an amazing experiment, so now i can't wait for sundays to come as it means i get to do my volunteering.

Still no rejections or offers from uni :/ but i suppose it takes time so i'll just have to wait and be patient, on the plus side my sister has had another other to do history of art at Birmingham Uni, so thats good.
I've had my usual breakfast and lunch and last weeks dinner where:
MONDAY; Tuna, couscous and salad
TUESDAY: Sausages, veg and mash
WEDNESDAY: roast chicken with veg and new potatoes
THURSDAY: chicken stir-fry and veg
FRIDAY: Chicken hotpot. (frozen meal)
SATURDAY: Sweet and sour chicken and rice (Frozen meal)
SUNDAY: chicken, veg, mash, and a small roast potato.


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