Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Avoiding theory revision.

A is for age: 17, i'll be 18 in February, how scary- i'll be adult! Goodbye childhood, hello the adult world :(

B is for breakfast today: the usually, weetabix with soya milk, a chopped apple and whole toast.
C is for currently craving: i don't have any cravings at the minute!
D is for dinner tonight: I had tuna and couscous with salad and beetroot.
E is for favorite type of exercise: use to be running but it became a problem ( i got too obessive)

F is for irrational fear: I have a fear of snakes and most other reptiles just the scales and the fork tongue, creeps me out.
G is for gross food: I’m a picky eater, but I’ve gotten better about it but most of them are due to my ED. The only food i've never liked even as a kid is creamy foods; cream, salad cream, mayo etc.

H is for hometown: Corby in the UK

I is for something important: My family, i;ve treated them terrible over the last 3yrs with my ED and all and i've said some horrible things that i can't take back now but wish i had never said them. Especially my twin sister and mum, i feel so guitly just thiking about it.
J is for current favorite jam: my favourite has to be raspberry jam
K is for kids: i don't plan to have kids when i'm older but it depends things change, people change, so who knows?
L is for current location: The computer desk.
M is for the most recent way you spent money: on my driving lesson, £20 for an 1hour lesson, bargain ;)

N is for something you need: An A* student brain, so i could pass all my exams, as i hate doing all that revising and still going average grades.
O is for occupation: student atm, but a part-time crew member at Mcdonalds.
P is for pet peeve: People who are late! if your going to set a time be on time!
Q is for a quote: 'good things come in small packages'
R is for a random fact about you: I have a mole under my left eye, it was the only thing that helped people to tell me and twin sister apart.
S is for favorite healthy snack: plain ricecakes dipped in yogurt (preferable strawberry, yum yum!)
T is for favorite treat: i'm still unable to 'treat' myself, but hopefully soon :)
U is for something that makes you unique: i'm a identical twin
V is for favorite vegetable: brocolli, i use to hate it with a passion when i was little but now i love it raw or cooked

W is for today’s workout: I don't work out.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: 2 both on my teeth.
Y is for yesterday’s highlights: having a really good and positive driving lesson.
Z is for your time zone: GMT? i think thats the British one, i don't know- the clocks changed on Sunday they went an hour forward so its lighter in the morning and darker in the evenings.

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