Friday, 5 October 2012

cakes, cakes and more cakes!

The last 2 weeks have been so busy it's been unreal.

Last week, i had school monday to Friday as usually + driving lesson + homework + Macmillian bake sale.

More on the Macmillian Bake sale, after seeing an advert on TV about Macmillian National bake sell i knew i had to part of it, so i sign up and just 2weeks later a my lovely Macmillian pack arrived full with bunting, balloons, stickers, recipes and lots of other things. The aim was to bake lots of cakes and raise lots money for Macmillian, however there was one rule and one rule only everything had to be homemade which means lots and lots of baking.

woke up as usually, decided to measure out some of my dry ingredients in preparation for later. I left my house for school at around 8:30, leaving behind a kitchen full of bowls with dry ingredients and sticky notes attached telling me how much was there and what recipe it was for.

Got home from school, as we had half day, at around 2:30 and instantly turned of the oven. They to cut a long story short me and my sister spend 5hours (we had an hour break for dinner) baking, with the end results being:
-1 lemon drizzle cake (loaf)
-24 mini empire biscuits (2 shortbread rounds sandwiched together with jam, topped with icing and sprinkles.
-12 vanilla butterfly cakes with buttercream.
-12 chocolate butterfly cakes with chocolate buttercream
-10 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with mini white chocolate stars
-12 fairycakes ( simply iced cakes)
-10 smarties cookies
-A tray of chocolate brownies.
-1 coconut cake (my mum did that while we were at school so i cant take credit sadly).

Luckly I have a lovely granny and lovely friends with decided to help out so in the end their was:
-lots of Scottish tablet (thanks to my granny)
-12 xbutterfly cakes (thanks to my granny)
-12 xCakes topped with milk chocolate (thanks to my granny)
-Vanilla traybake cake (thanks to my granny)
-Heart shaped biscuits with icing and chocolate (thanks to Lauren)
-More fairycakes (thanks to Lauren)
-chocolate cakes (thanks to Lauren)
-50 milk chocolate cookies (thanks to Amber)
-Raspberry filled cupcakes (thanks to Milica)

There was lots and lots and lots, too much to name or even remember for that matter,
But in the end me raised £158.22 which was amazing since we sold the cakes for 30p which apparently according to the teacher was far to cheap.

Sorry no picture, we were far to busy to be taking pictures!

This week was a little quieter but not much, i've had lots and lots revision, coursework, practice for my theory, god my to-do list never seems to end, i really enjoy my bedtime as it the one time i can relax and turn-off and leave everything behind knowing i can do it tomorrow.

I also, along with 90 other people in my school year go invited to a Halloween party- now im never the girl who gets asked to anything which is why i was so shocked i got invited but all my friends are going to i've decided to go, it should be laugh. I don't drink so i will most likely be the only person who will actually remember the night!

But, their's a twist the party is a fancy dress party- it doesnt have to halloween themed. I've decided to go as Velma from Scooby doo

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