Thursday, 11 October 2012

Where does the time go?!

There really is not enough hours is the day, recently i've be finding myself here, there and everywhere. I've got some much stuff thats needs to be done, homework, revision,
Somehow, i dont know how, i've managed to keep on top of it all.

-My personal statement is done, so its just the teacher who have to do their bit now
-theory for driving- could be going better but i am working on it so hopefully things will start to come to together and ill be able to pass the damn thing!

-Revision- i've got three exams, very important exams, in Jan.
      - english lit
      -2x biology (one of which is a resit, which i am very ashamed off as i tried ohh so very hard first time, i was gutted on results day :(

And to top over my non-stop week i am working 8-4 on saturday and 9-4 on sunday so i literally have no weekend ohh well you win some you lose some, the only thing thats keeping me going to the money so i can add that to my savings.

Eats have been repitive and routined, i have the small breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and supper- i still eat very disordered but least im eating which is good as some days it's a really struggle i just cant be bothered.

Breakfasts- 2 weetabix, soya milk, whole toast with jam and an apple. I really do love apple- i was worried that my i got my braces i wouldnt be able to eat apples but i just cut them up which was easier and less painful- plus i would have died not having an apple for 3years- my favourite fruit.

Snack- Jordans Crunchy bar- yes im boring i have the same cereal bar everyday!

Lunch: Chicken wholemeal pitta, fruit yogurt and 2 ricecakes which i dip into my yogurt.

Snack- a bowl of dry cereal- i love cereal i could and have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner but i know you need variety in order to get a balance diet.

Saturday- Sweet and sour chicken with white rice.
Sunday- Chicken, veg, roast potatoes and mash...... plus dessert a small slice of raspberry cheesecake.
Monday- Quorn mince in a tomato sauce with couscous and salad (cucumber, beetroot etc)
Tuesday- Quorn sausages, mash and veg
Wednesday, chicken, tomatoes and peppers in a tomato and basil sauce and penne pasta
Thursday- Chicken, sweet and sour sauce, peppers, udon noodles. (kind of like a stir-fry but its not fried)

I dont take pictures of my meals because i dont think a healthy thing for ME to do, i dont think its weird but for me it would be unhelpful as i already have a strained relationship with food however hopefully when my relationship with food becomes more healthy and positve i will be able to take pictures, plus my food would never look as good as some of the other bloggers i look at- my food is put to shame but the colour and freshnes of their meals.

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  1. Seriously, there is NOT enough time in the day!!!

    I totally understand not wanting to take pictures! It's definitely not for everyone, and that's totally cool :)