Sunday, 14 October 2012

A-Z of me!

Autumn- its my favourite season.
Brown- for the colour of  my hair and eyes.
Cucumber- the one food my dad hates but i love!
Dogs- for my bestest boy Max- the best pet in the world.
E.T the film i use to watch just because it scared my twin sister, ohh im cruel!
France- the place i'm going for my birthday- disneyland paris here i come!
Goofy- favourite Disney character.
Harmony- the name of my bestfriend from childhood.
Ink- my pens always run out of ink, especially in exams it annoys me so so much.
Jamie- the name of the friend i've known the longest.
Kitchen the heart of our house.
Lucy for me!
Mencora- favourite place, i loved our family holidays there.
Nursing- what i what to do for the rest of my life.
Orange the only word what doesnt rhyme
Purple my favourite colouring
Questions- i have about 1 billion of them.
Roald Dahl- his book the witches was the first book i ever bought with my own money at the age of 7.
Scotland, the place where my family come from.
Tots Tv- the programme of my childhood.
UCAS- the bain of my life at the minute
Victory- i aim for this in everything i do!
Wilfred Owen- one of my favourite poets.
X- ohh come on!
Yogurt yum.
Zoey- my little sister

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