Monday, 29 October 2012

Winter is upon us....

I think it's safe to say that Winter is finally here.

And that means it's time to get the winter coat out, along with the gloves and scarfs.
I've had my winter coat for 1 1/2 years now and i have to admit it has served me well, i'm actually going to miss it, but sadly it's had it's day and it's time for a new coat.

So out with the old and in with the new, as my mum would say.

After, searching the internet for literally hours on end and then finally finding the perfect coat, i  then came home from work to discover my sister had come back shopping with practically the same coat as i was going to get :( so i was back to sqaure one and my search began all over again!

But, after much internet searching, i think i found my 2012/2013 winter coat.

Vila- Navy Blue Captiko Womens Fur Trimmed Duffle Coat from Amazon at am amazing (in my opinion anyway) £39.99.

So now i'm on the hunt for so cute matching gloves and scarfs to finish off my winter look.

Here are a couple of gloves and scarfs that have tickled my fancy:



I'm think of going for dark green, rusty red/orange, wine red as my coliur scheme this winter :)

Have a lovely monday!

Any good websites, with lovely winter buys?
When do you start winter shopping?
Has your winter coat come out yet?


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  1. Hi, I recently discovered your blog as I am currently trying to recover from an ED...
    I started winter shopping in late summer because the weather was so rubbish that it already felt like winter!
    My winter coat came out quite a while ago as I always need something to keep me warm at the bus stop - I would recommend Forever 21's website as the clothing is really nice and very affordable.