My name is Lucy. I'm a 17-year old student from the UK.

I'm in my final year of sixth form and this year I'll be preparing for your university, that's if i get in of course, so fingers crossed! This next year is going to be one of the most important in my life so I'm going to keep my head down, work hard and stay healthy.
The blogging world has always interested me, most likely because I'm a very nosey person and like to hear about people's daily lives and what they get up to, what makes they smile, what makes they sad, what TV programmes they've watched, what music their listening too,what they've eaten that day, what recipes they made etc. Therefore, blogging seemed like the perfect thing for me.
Like many of my favourite bloggers, i have a eating disorder. I was diagnosed 3years ago when i was 13years old (well just before my 14th birthday to be precise). Since then, i have been hospitalised twice in eating disorder inpatient units.  Such experiences have shaped the person i am today and although i hated why I was there for the obvious reasons which was of course re feeding and most dauntingly weight gain I do have some very fond memory as well of that time. Of course there were hard times when I thought i  just can't do it anymore, there's just too much food, I'm full to the brim, already too heavy, big and fat, however those low and difficult times were made easier by the lovely people that i met, boys and girls, some older, some younger than me, all in the same position and just as scared as me. They were the people who got me through those 10months I spend as an inpatient in total. Sadly, i know i will never be the same Lucy i once was, in fact i don't really remember who i was before my eating disorder. I appear to have in many ways lost my identity to my eating disorder, but i am determined to be more than just an eating disorder and find the old Lucy, who is still there and dieing to come out.
Well, that's enough about that, I it hard to talk about- probably because i was in denial for so long and still haven't accepted the fact i do have an eating disorder and i do need to gain weight.

Name: Lucy
Birthday: 4th February
Location: UK
Eye colour: Brown/green
Hair colour: Brown
Height: 5ft 1
Siblings: 2, a twin sister and a younger sister
Pets: A poodle, Max
Education: I'm currently in sixth form and I'm studying English literature, biology, applied science and health and social care.
Favourite Place:Menorca and Yorkshire
Favourite Colour: that's a hard one it depends but I'll say purple
Favourite Food: cereal- i could seriously off the stuff, I'd just have breakfast 3 times a day!
Favourite meal: Chicken Stir-fry with udon noodles.
Favourite dessert: I dont really eat many desserts (ED won't let me) but i have a weakness for crumble apple or plum are my favourite.
Favourite film: Disney's beauty and the beast
Favourite TV programmes: i have many; new girl, grey anatomy, British bake off, who do you think you are?, strictly come dancing.
Favourite song: i have one song that i could easily listen too over and over again- Happy together by the turtles
Favourite flower: poppies
Hobbies: Knitting, i use to bake alot but i just don't hve the time anymore :( i spend alot of my time revising or doing school work but i love to read  literature, articles etc which i can say is school work when really it's a 100% luisure!
Future plans: to do a degree in child nursing and become a fully registrated nurse at the end, hopefully get a job and then later go abroad to volunteer as a nurse.

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  1. Hugs. I hope that the recovery journey is going well. Am glad to have stumbled upon your blog, you beautiful girl. P.S. Love Greys anatomy as well and Happy together has always been a favourite of mine <3