Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Emmys: Hit or a miss?

It was the Emmy's and that means lots of celebrities in beautiful dresses!

And this year they didn't disappoint, there were so beatiful dresses, as well as some dresses that really should have stayed on the hanger ( thats my opinion of course, anyone has there own sense of style)

Here are some my favourite dresses from the night:
Jane Levy looked simply stunning. the dress is simply you may even say plain but it's very elegant. Along with the statement necklace with it's vintage look. The colour matched her complexion and red hair, making this a HIT!
Sarah Hyland, opted for this sliver dress, i love the detail at the top adds elegance. I also love her hair, loose curls is always a hit with me.
I love the show 2 broke girls. I also loved  Kat Dennings dress it was the colour that did it for me, the burnt orangy, red looks amazing against her skin and hair colour, matched with red lips and black nails was gold and black jewellery. She looked amazing!
Jessica Pare I love love love, this style of dress. And the black and white colour scheme really works. It also makes her red lips really stand out.

And some of the dresses that i werent to my taste ( i fully acknowledge that some people will really like this dresses:
I didnt like the shape, pattern or fabric of this dress. Plus you can see tan lines.
I love the colour as it goes beautifully with her pale skin and jet black hair. But the dress has no shape and looks like a sack. I'm also not a fan of the split to reveal the leg.
I really like Zooey Deschanel and i think the dress really suits her quirky personality but it's not my cup of tea too big and puff, if the dress had just continued to flow down it would have looked amazing.
This is why i dont like the split in the dress. As im sure Alexandra Breckenridge found out after flashing her knicker, not the most flattering out pictures.

tell me what you think, which dresses impressed you and which dresses made you look in horror and think "seriously these people have stylish and they let them wear that!"

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