Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Can frozen meals be healthy?

I want a healthy diet but also want something that doesnt take much effort or cost alot.

It looks like my only option is frozen ready meals, but they have a bad reputation in terms of nutrition in terms of calories, salt, and fat.

But are all frozen ready meals really that bad for me?
I decided to try some frozen ready meals that were low in cost and relatively healthy, this is in preparation for if i do go to university when money and time will be tight so this ready meals need to be cheap and quick.
Ross' pasta picotta-spinach pasra parcels with a ricotta chesse filling in a tomato and vegetable sauce topped with a white sauce.

COST: £1
SIZE: 300g
FAT: 6.9g (4.0g of which is saturated)
SODIUM: 0.7g

ASDA Good for you beef lasagne-minced beef bolognese with onion and carrot, layered with pasta and topped with a creamy bechamel sauce and grated cheddar.

COST: £1
SIZE: 400g
FAT: 8.8g (4.0g of which is saturated)
SODIUM: 0.96g

ASDA good for you chicken hotpot-chicken breast pieces with tender carrots, leeks and peas in a rich gravy topped with golden sauteed potatoes
COST: £1
SIZE: 350g
FAT: 9.5g (2.8g of which is saturated)
SODIUM: 0.46g


ASDA good for you tuna pasta bake-flakes of tuna with penne pasta, onions, celery,sweetcorn and red peppers in a rich tomato sauce topped with white sauce and regato cheese crumb.

COST: £1
SIZE: 375g
FAT: 4.5g (3g of which is saturated)
SODIUM: 0.64g

ASDA good for you tomato, chicken and basil pasta-penne pasta with pieces of chicken breast in a tomato and basil sauce.
COST: £1
SIZE: 350g
FAT: 4.6g (0.7g of which is saturated)
SODIUM: 0.39g

I would have to say the winner overall is the ASDA good for you tomato, chicken and basil pasta. It was really yummy, i dont think i could have made it better myself. The chicken was really juicy and tender and there were whole cherry tomatoes thrown in there  too,they were grilled and very sweet.
It was also really filling and only took 40mins in the oven or 10mins itops n the microwave depending on the watt of your microwave. I do prefer to oven cook but it didnt really taste any different microwaved, it just saves a bit of time.

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