Thursday, 20 September 2012

School, disney, tots tv, biology and reads!

I started my morning with a little tidy up, i must admit i think my bedroom is rather tidy, although my mum would beg to differ. I'm such a child with my sleeping beauty poster and my tilly and tiny dolls from tots Tv, i don't know if any one would remember them.

After, my tidy up session, breakfast and lunch making i finally got dressed and made my way to school.
On Sunday i had a little online shopping spree, i ordered Disney's:
  • Peter Pan
  • Sleeping beauty
  • The Little Mermaid
  • 101 Dalmatians

    My mum is on a mission to get rid of all my Disney video's and replace then the DVD versions. My only problem with her plan is that those video's were my childhood they still have the teeth marks from were me and sister chewed the corners. I dread to think how many times I've watched some of these films which is why i keep the cover from inside the video, as a little memory, keepsake plus i love the illustrations.
a few of my Disney video covers, the rest are in a big folder, it's offical i am the saddest person in the world!

My day has also consisted of school i spend most of my frees and after-school reading though and doing the activities in my biology A-2 level text book.

Everyone loves synapes!
My next set of reads, Pat Barkers triology consisting of;
  1. Regeneration
  2. The eye in the door
  3. The ghost
I am most looking forwards to exploring the character of Prior and learning more about his experience and the other patients experiences at Craiglockhart hospital- which for those who don't know was a miltary army hospital in WW1 used for the treatment of shell-shocked officer. I find WW1 so interesting and in the good old days when i had time to watch hours of tv would happily sit for hours watching programmes on the history channel.

breakfast: weetabix, soya milk, wholemeal toast and jam and a lovely juicy red apple. I have been loving the apples this week nice sweet and crisp just how i love them.
Do you prefer red or green apples?Snack- jordans crunchy bar.
Lunch-Chicken pitta, cherry yogurt and a snack pack of raisins.
Snack- a bowl of dry cookie crisp cereal
Dinner- Chicken, salad and coucous
Supper- a bowl of mixture cereal (rice krispies, cheerios and bran flakes) with milk.

Do you try any cereal combinations?
Do you have any weird food combinations?
Like jam and yorkshire puds, tomato sauce sandwichs. cereal and orange juice instead of milk etc..


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