Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ohh i do like to beside the seaside.......

Last weekend here in England was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
Sadly, it was gone by Monday and was back it's cold, miserable self.

Anyway, me, my mum, my sister and my granny went to Skegness, with a group that does trips, disco's and other events for the young disabled people in Corby.I must say it was truly hearting wrenching to see the smiles on their faces, they looked so happy which makes me even more grateful for that last weekend of true summer weather :)

 For those who don't know Skegness is a seaside time in England. I use to go at least once every year when I was kid but havent been for years and years (me and my mum worked out that it have been about 4years!)

My day started at around 6:30 which is just like a school day for me so it wasnt so bad. I had my usually breakfast of weetabix, soya milk, toast with jam and an apple, i know i'm boring by i really do enjoy my weetabix and considering their is a limited range of foods i can honestly say that i do enjoy, i will continue to have it everyday, until that changes.

We left the house at 8:00 and went to pick up my granny who lives just 5minutes away and then we the 4 of us made are way to the pick up point. The coach was already there so we made ourselves comfortable as we have a 2 hour journey ahead of us. I did come prepared however i remembered to charge my ipod and brought by biology text book on biodiversity, enzymes, food and health for a bit of light reading.

We arrived at around 11:30 so had a wonder around the beach front before heading for lunch at around 12:30 while my mum opted for scampi, peas and chips, my granny battered fish and chips and my sister sausage and chips, i decided to go for a the safe option of beans and a jacket potato with a salad on the side.

At around 3:30 will had a ice-cream break, my mum and granny had a strawberry whippy ice-cream, my sister 4 sugar doughnuts and being my usually ED self had a solero exotic.

The beach was jam packed and so was the fun fair but all in all it was very good time and one that i will fondly remember as ever since my ED i've been somewhat distance from my granny, i don't know it i blame her for my ED or not but i havent eaten or even had a drink infront of her for around 3year so sunday was a real milestone

Now for my eats:
Breakfast: Weetabix, soya milk, toast with jam and an apple
Snack- jordans crunchy bar
Lunch- Bean, jacket potato and salad
Snack- solero exotic
Dinner- Toasted tea cake
Supper- A bag of quavers.

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