Monday, 3 September 2012

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After 6weeks off school, i am rather excited to be going back to school on Wednesday.
I like a routine which is something that school provides, i always know what i'll be doing and at what times.

But this is an important year for me as it's the year i will be applying to university which is a pretty daunting prospect of it's own but on top on that i also need to make sure that i achieve the grades i need in order to get into the university i want which in my case is all B's.

Then so top it all off, i also have to become more healthy and put on the weight i need. As all nursing courses require a medical screening which includes getting weighted to see if your are a healthy weight which at the moment i'm not, my weight is puts me at a  BMI of around 16, 18 is consisted a healthy BMI so i also have that to work on, which is not something i really want to deal with but i cant keep push to the side, avoiding it isn't going to make the problem go away, i need to face up to the facts, the facts are I NEED TO PUT ON WEIGHT! and  i need to it now.

I have thought about weight gain many times but it has never become anything more than just a thought but this time is needs become reality and big changes need to made. I want to do this not only for me but for my education, i want to become a nurse so so so so badly and i can't try and help ill people if i'm ill myself , it wouldn't be fair on the patient plus it would be very hypercritical.

My meal plan is going pretty well i have managed to complete it fully with no cheating since i started so thats good.

Yesterday eats:
Breakfast: 2 weetabix, soya milk, apple and wholemeal toast with jam
Snack: bowl of dry cereal
Lunch- Vegetable minestrone soup and crackers
Snack- packet of ice-gems (for those who aren't british here is a picture)

Dinner- chicken breast, vegetable, plain mash and a small roast potato
Dessert- small portion of jam roly poly.

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