Saturday, 15 September 2012

I'm so excited! wonderful, kind, generous, loving parents have very kindly offered to pay for me and my sister to go to Disneyland Paris for 4nights and 5days to......


I could actually scream, i haven't stopped smiling all day. I love anything Disney, i know it seems a little childish seems this is my 18th birthday present but i don't care, your never too old Disney right?

I've been to Disneyworld in Florida but i've never been to Paris :)

I'm going to work really really hard at school as we're planning to go in February so i will must likely have school work for that February holidays.

And save up so money for spending money, as even just looking through pictures on the internet makes me want to buy the whole shop!

Plus, i will really try to increase my weight so i am fit and healthy to walk around theme parks all day, this trip will be a real motivator and will hopefully help me when i feel low and down during that hard and stress time they call recovery.


  1. Love the pics--that looks like so much fun! I've never been anywhere Disney yet, although my hubby has been there three times!!!!

  2. Ive just been to Disneyland Paris (as you might have seen on my blog?) And i thought it was great!!! So much fun!!
    But you do have to have energy to walk around all day, and im sure you all ready know, but im mentioning again... that there is basically just fast food there, like burgers and fries and pizza... of course there are things like sandwiches and salad... but not so much?
    Just so you are prepared... and know that. But it would be a good thing to challenge yourself as well :)

    Ive never been to Disneyland Florida... but id love to go there!!
    If you havent already seen, ive posted pictures from Disneyland Paris on my blog... you can checm that out :) haha

    How are you doing otherwise? :)
    & BTW i agree... you're NEVER too old for Disney :)