Tuesday, 28 August 2012



Breakfast, was honey flavoured ready brek and raisin, i must confess i was lazy i couldnt be bothered to warm up milk over the stove so used water boiled from the kettle!

Snack, i was a bit peckish at around 10:30-ish so i had a look in the fridge and come across a little childhood favourite, i didnt even know winnie the pooh yoghurt were still being sold! i opted for banana flavour, the other flavours include strawberry and apricot but i love anything thats banana flavoured.

Lunch, was minestrone soup, yes from a can, but it was really nice so nice that by the time i remembered to take the picture the bowl was empty ;) i also have so crackers on the side to dip in, yum yum.

Snack: it was actually sunny! so i had a blackcurrent flavoured ice-lolly, very refreshing. I forgot to take a picture, oops!

Dinner was my version of Sunday dinner, a grilled chicken breast, veg, plain mash and two small potatoes. Ever since my ED i have been unable to add sauces such as gravy and opt to instead have a things very plain. The rest of my family have a more traditional english sunday dinner, which this week consisted of chicken breasts, veg, roast potatoes (normal size) yorkshire pudding, stuffing and creamy mash potatoes drowned in lots of gravy. The meat is the only thing that changes weekly in the sunday dinner and varies from the following: chicken, beef, turkey, pork.
Dessert, so my ED was screaming NO!!! but the real lucy who had a very sweet tooth and just a couple of years a ago would have happily finished off a whole lemon meringue pie, opted for a small piece, one that would not make me feel too guiltly.

Breakfast- was the same as yesterday but will a slice of wholemeal toast and jam.

Snack- this is not my usual snack but i started work at 12 and knew that my lunch break would therefore be around 3 o'clock so i needed a snack that would fuel my first few hours of work, so i had a small bowl of ready brek.
Lunch- sorry no photo, i was at work plus a lot of people were there at the time and they might have found it a bit weird if i started taking pictures of my food. But i have the same thing for lunch anyway, so i'll get a picture up soon, i have a chicken pitta pocket, ice-gems (i know not very healthy with all the sugar but for someone with an ED i think i was being very brave, plus they have hardly any fat, and there is the ED talking!) apple and crispbreads. Washed down with an ice-cold glass of diet coke! who care i needed the pick me up i was thirsty and it was so refreshing!

Dinner, got home at around 6-ish so dinner was at 6:30, later than i would usually have it, only by an hour. I have pasta and chcken in a tomato sauce with some hidden red peppers and cherry tomatoes, yummy yummy yummy in my tummy ;)

Supper- after i long convo with a friend on the phone, it had been so long since we last spoke, i could have talked for hours and hours. Anyway after all that talking i was a bit peckish so have a bowl of dry cereal, cheerios as a matter of fact.

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