Friday, 17 August 2012

Brick Wall

Yesterday was results day in the UK, i had been dreading this day for months.

I awoke at 6 o'clock with a swamp of butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat.
I manage to eat my normal breakfast of weetabix with soya milk and wholemeal toast with jam, before making the pain stakingly long walk to school, that 30minute walk felt like a life time!

My friends were waiting at the school gates just like we had planned and we all slowing walking into school, every step felt like a huge effort. I don't know why but i get so nervous when getting result in actual fact i was more nervous then than i was for the actually exams themselves.

After, a little game of ping-pong in my head of whether or not to open the envelope.I manned up, took a deep breathe and carefully opened the envelope.

The results were are fellowed:
English Exam- C
English Coursework- B
Overall English grade- B

Not to bad i thought, a B was what i was predicted. I had revised hard for the exam and was happy with the overall grade. I come to accept the fact that i would never be an A*, A grade student a long time ago, however i still dream of one day opening an envelope and seeing an A* next to Biology and English.

Biology Exam- D
Biology Course coursework- A
Overall Biology grade- C

My heart sank and all i wanted to do was cry, i knew that i found the exam hard but i wished, hoped, dreamed that a miracle would happen.  All i wanted was B, just a B. I revised so hard for that exam, i made my sister do spelling tests of me and i did every past paper available and got my teacher to mark, the results from the past papers were all B and C (and maybe an A for one but i can't remember) i thought i was on the right track but obviously i hadn't done enough revision.
So were does that leave me in my journey of becoming a nurse?

I need to get an overall B in Biology, therefore i have decided to resit the exam with the aim of getting a C or B in possible, i will work my little socks off. However i have to bear in mind that i already have 2 exams at that time my A2 english exam and my first A2 biology exam. So i'm going to start my revision early.

I really really really really want a B in biology and English by the end of next year and i am prepared to do anything to achieve those grades. As without those grades I don't stand a chance of getting into the top universities for nursing.


so let the hard work begin!

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