Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Just think.....

Just think next Monday I will be 18 years old, practically an adult, so much responsibilty that if am honest I'm so not ready for.

Ohh the plus side, it means birthday cake (i doubt i'll eat any stupid ED) the decoration and design is amazing, its a work of art, honestly and then Paris the next Monday, yay so excited!

Also after a crappy weekend of burning the whole of my arm in hot oil and english exam (i dont think it's gone well) i was so happy when i found out i'd won the giveaway at Celery and Cupcakes

Me and My beautiful baby sister, check me out in my turtle neck!
Me and sister as two of the three wise mean.
Excuse the face, but check out the tan! now i just go milk bottle white :(
Favourite place in the world, MENCORA!
Mencora again, but look we're all matching!
I have no idea why we're pulling those faces.
Thats the life, seating back and chilling out
Teletubbies, what a great show!
During the time when Powerpuffs were my life, favourite will also be Bubbles.
All aboard the Logo box!
Me and my sis, she really is my life, any other twin would understand, she more than sister and better a friend.