Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Graze Box

Today my free  graze box came in the post and believe me it was worth the wait!

For your own free graze just use this code: G7W3GKRD

This tiny little box can easily fit through all post box so it don't have to be at home and  it saves on those trips to the post office to pick them up.
I have to admit the cake was tiny, it must have been about 5cm x 5cm but it was so yummy very lemon as soon as you opened the lid you got a strong smell of lemon, i had mine with some raisins as it was a small piece.
This little baby come in at 84cals, as all products come with the nutritional values.

Garden of England is dried baby strawberries,apple and blackcurrents
They were very yummy and filling and at only 70cals you cant say no!

I am fan of any kind of ricecake, i love to eat them just plain or with jam or spicy tuna on them
And as you can see they are only 59 cals and make a nice side for a yummy stir-fry .

this box of HEAVEN contain dried pear, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon raisins,  my thoughts on this  box were simple 'get in my belly!' lets say they didn't say in the box for too long ;)
Plus for any dieters all box have their own nutritional  values

Graze also have 3 nutrition plans.
-Eatwellbox- a selection of all our healthy recipes with the odd treat now and again

-theboostbox- our strictest most healthy box with out most nutrient dense food to give you a natural boost.

-thelightbox- all our lowest calorie nibbles,with all nibbles being between 50 and 150 calories

P.S check out the graze website to see their entire nibble menu; from olives to flapjacks, from nuts to cake! just don't do on an empty stomach as the pictures are mouth watering!

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  1. Graze boxes are so delicious!