Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ohh so many choices!

Lately, i've discover that i really can make quick decisions, i'm not sure that it's a bad or good thing yet but.

However, one decision that took me literally 2 seconds to make was entering celery and cupcakes giveaway.

The giveaway includes 5 bags o Urban fruit including the flavours:

What i yummy prize! So i urge to check out the page and enter, not only does celery and cupcakes do some amazing giveaway but has some amazing recipes and advice, i kid you that that every post is a joy to read even if it does leave you feeling slightly hungry ;)

Anyway back on tough and long decisions, its my cousins wedding in march and i'm still not sure what dress to get. However it must have long-sleeves which is making it so much harder.

Here are a couple of dress on ASOS that are in the running (some arent long-sleeved but a girl can dream)

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