Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow, snow and more snow!

Maybe i'm a bore but i really hate all this snow it's such a pain.

Yes it looks beautiful but in England everything stops, transport becomes havoc, school can't cope!
Also, the stupid snow nearly caused my biology exam to be cancel, even the thought made me want to cry, only because i'd been revising so hard and to be honest i was sick of it.

Anyway, I've confirmed my choices for university
FIRM: The University of Leeds
INSURANCE: De Monforte University.
Here is a couple of recent munchies: Special K cracker crisps; they were really yummy actually, the only down side was they was lots the powdered flavouring leaving my mouth very dry.

They come in 3 flavours:-Salt and vinegar
-Sweet chili
-Sour cream and chive

Apricot Geobar: the raisins give the bar a sweet flavour and make the bar lovely and chewie, however the apricot are bitter but thankfully there's not alot of them.

Chewits fruit salad: have not have these in years, i almost had forgotten how amazing them were.

Ricecakes sandwiched with jam plus a few extra naughty spoonful of jam from the jar: one word yummy!

Other eats this week included:
Chicken and tomato pasta

Veggie stir-fry

Also get down to celery and cupcakes for yet another amazing giveaway of popchips, yum, yum yum!

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