Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lansley launches scheme to recognise 'NHS Heroes'

"A new scheme to recognise the work of NHS staff in England was launched last week by the government.

The “NHS Heroes” recognition scheme was launched on Thursday to mark the 64th anniversary of the health service.
From now until mid-September, anyone working for the NHS who is nominated by members of the public, patients or colleagues as “going the extra mile in their work” will receive a recognition certificate.
Announcing the scheme, Andrew Lansley said: “Staff across the NHS in England carry out fantastic work every day. The NHS Heroes scheme is a chance for everyone to formally recognise these staff and thank them for their hard work, passion and dedication.”
NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson added: “I hope that NHS staff also get involved, and nominate those people who support them at work to give world-class NHS care."

I personally think this scheme is long over due it's an amazing idea especially with all the bad press the NHS has been having recently.

Many NHS staff work UNBELIEVABLE hard everyday and they truly do deserve recognition  as the public (myself included) only every hear about the bad NHS staff which in reality is a one a very small group of the total NHS workforce, it's  unfair to paint everyone with the same brush.
'their hard work, passion and dedication.” this article couldn't have summed up the qualities of NHS staff any better.

My view of OBE's and knighthoods is also similar to this, the public should be recognised and awarded, not celebrities but real 'normal' (if there is such a think!) people who also do amazing things.

 if you know of anyone who you believe truly is a NHS hero then please get involved and nominate them: 

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