Thursday, 12 July 2012


My life seems to be so so busy at the moment, I’m here, there and everywhere.....but I LOVE it!

I’ve never been on for lying round doing nothing, i don't like relaxing too much, the evening is my relaxing time but during the day i like to keep myself busy. It's weird most 17 year olds can sleep till 1 in the afternoon but the latest i can sleep in till is about 7:30am, i sometimes think I’m an adult trapped in a teenagers body, i swear!

Anyway, it’s the summer holidays are in a weeks’ time, god how fast this school year has flown by so much has happened, I’ve learnt so much just in this last year. I actually don’t like the summer holidays though i miss my friends too much, as without school i don’t get to see them every day plus i get bored there's only so much daytime TV i can watch, don’t get me wrong i love this morning but after 2weeks i get so bored i just want to be back at school.

However, for the second year is a row I’m having my own little school at home. The plan is to spend an 1 hour at least every day:
- practicing level 1 British sign language.
-working through my biology book, writing notes and doing the practice questions.
-read my list of books; the scarlet letter, A thousand splendid suns, Atonement and The remains of a day.

On top of that I’ve got to start writing my personal statement for UCAS which I’m really nervous for writing but I’m going plan it beforehand and get a couple to check my spelling and grammar etc. Hopefully I will be starting my volunteering at my local general hospital so that’s good, I’m really excited! Plus I’ll have work too, but I’m it an okay job I get to talk to new people and its fast paced and never boring so I can’t complain and it gets me one step closer to my savings goal.

Last but not least, I’m going to YORKSHIRE, for a week. I love Yorkshire it’s so beauty and the people are so friendly, it’s miles away from where I live (literally and metaphorically). A well-deserved good old British family holiday, nothing beats them!

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