Saturday, 7 July 2012

The beginning.

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Blogging is something i've wanted to do for a long time but always thought i was too boring to do so. But finally i've got something to blog about, i'm about to embark on a journey as this is the year i will be applying for university!

I don't feel as though i look like am old enough to be going to university, the bus driver still gives me a child ticket for goodness sake! I've been on a few open days; Sheffield Hallam, Leeds, Nottingham with a few more planned, everyone looks like little mini adults and in comparsion i feel about 5 years old, their all like 6foot tall and there's me at just a modest 5ft 1, ohh well not my fault i'm short.

As you have gathered i want to be a paediatric nurse and the open days have proved very helpful as i have about 100 questions i want to ask and they give me the opportunity to do so. Not only that but it's also helped my confidence, before i would have never went up to stranger and asked them questions i would have gotten my dad to ask the questions for me instead, now i feel comfortable just politely asking the staff and student nurses a few questions.

The main questions that have been stuck in head just swimming round have been:
-Entry requirements; are BTEC's in  health and social care accepted?
-Work Experience: how much work experience should a student have?
-Gap year: do you recommend students take a gap year in order to gain experience?
-Medical; will my medical history put me at a disadvantage?

(things regarding my medical history as well as other aspects of my life will become clearer as i continue to post as i have promised to set aside 10 to 20 minutes everyday to write a little post of my blog)

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